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About Us

About Us

We've always had a passion for decorations and refurnishing our home was a real pleasure. 

But, many times we couldn’t find that perfect something we were searching for so we decided to try out some homemade decorations. The products we’ve managed to create gave us the courage to try making small pieces of furniture and one thing got to another so here we are: now we are able to offer any kind of furniture, home decorations and not only to our clients. 

Each piece is individually designed so you will find here only originality and creativity. If you are searching for something special, this is the right place for you. 

Home Furniture is a family business so having strong values is extremely important to us. But, even more important is promoting them to people: 

  • Innovate and embrace change 
  • Believe in creativity and be bold
  • Do what is right 
  • Pursue and celebrate excellence 
  • Enjoy results 
  • And do it all with a smile! 


We invite you to check out our products and contact us if you’re in search of the perfect style for your house! 


I love the idea of finding great design in unexpected places. A beautiful piece of furniture adds more than function to any home, it adds real life.
Joe Ruggiero